Why do I need to upload my rates?

Uploading your rates to Ship Angel allows you to take full advantage of the analytics offered by the platform and benchmark your rates against market rates.

Before your uploaded rates become available, our AI needs to process and analyze the data, and bring it in line with our internal quality standards.

Uploading your rates is simple and can be done in 2 ways:

1. Emailing them over to us at rates@shipangel.com or if you prefer, we can set up a secure inbox email for you specific to your company.

2. By uploading them when you're logged into your workspace. To do this simply go to Documents > Upload files > Select vendor and freight type. Once you've completed this you'll see a 'pending' status next to the uploaded document signalling that the rate sheet is being processed. Once the file is live, you'll receive a notification to inform you, both in-app and via email.

Pro Tip: It's easier for us to parse rates that are in .CSV format, however our rates team can process any form of document. You can find out how to convert documents to CSV format here